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 Fat Dissolving Injections

About Celluform/Celluform+ and Deso

Celluform and Deso injections offer an effective long-term solution for these stubborn pockets of fat. The treatment involves injecting the fat-dissolving product into various points across the problem area, directly into the fatty tissue beneath the skin. Containing key ingredients such as Deoxycholic Acid, the product works to break down fat cells, causing them to become unstable and eventually ‘flush’ out via the lymphatic system. The breakdown of these fat cells occurs over several weeks post-injection and can deliver excellent results that really make a difference. This is not a weight loss solution but offers a perfect non-surgical option for those with stubborn fat that hasn’t responded to exercise. Celluform can be used on areas of the body that typically store excessive fat, such as the hips, buttocks, thighs and stomach. It can also help with ether appearance of cellulite. Celluform Plus is used for the double chin area and not only causes a loss of fatty tissue, but also stimulates a greater production of collagen resulting in firmer skin in the chin and jawline region.


Theres a few reasons why we have chosen Celluform over other brands

Celluform is perfect for targeting small pockets of fat, cellulite and stubborn pockets of fat- Depending on the area being treated we would expect to perform 2-3 procedures for the double chin area 4-6 weeks apart and 4-6 procedures spaced 2 weeks apart for the body, with results beginning to become noticeable after 2-3 sessions.

Deso body is great for dissolving fat in larger areas. Depending on the area being treated we would expect to perform 2-4 procedures for the double chin area 4-6 weeks apart

After these treatments, permanent results can be enjoyed. The number of sessions required would depend on how much fat tissue is present and its positioning and will be discussed during a consultation with our expert, Dr Manika

You may feel some discomfort as we inject but Dr Manika is highly skilled and experienced and use techniques to minimise this as much as possible. We also apply numbing cream for patient comfort.

Following treatment it is completely normal to experience swelling and bruising around the treated area. Once this has settled the skin can begin to feel loose and ‘jelly’ like but this will tighten over time. We recommend following a healthy diet and drinking 2-3 litres of water per day throughout the course of
treatment and to massage the area once or twice daily for at least 5 mins.

Our fat-dissolving injections are suitable for those with pockets of fat that remain despite a healthy lifestyle and exercise.  For all new clients we conduct a thorough consultation before your treatment to assess suitability and put together your individual treatment plan. This is the ideal opportunity to discuss your desired results and ask any questions you may have.


Celluform + - Double chin area
A course of 2-3 sessions recommended
Individual sessions £300

Course of 3 sessions £750 (3rd session half price) 

Celluform Body
A course of 4-6 sessions required
Individual sessions £220

Course of 4 sessions £770 (4th session half price)

Course of 6 sessions £1100 ( 6th session free)


Deso Body
A course of 2-5 sessions required
Individual sessions £200

Course of 2 sessions £380 

Course of 4 sessions £730

Before & After 

Is there any aftercare involved?

Am I suitable candidate for treatment?


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