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Cheek Fillers

Cheek Fillers in Guildford

At Aeon Aesthetics, we offer the best treatment for cheek fillers available in Guildford to our clients utilising the latest techniques in the field. Our trained medical clinicians use FILLMED® and Restylane® fillers for your cheeks, delivering volume and definition to the cheek area which can help to give a younger, lifted appearance.

The team at Aeon Aesthetics work from our Guildford aesthetics clinic to give each and every client the best service available in Guildford. Let our professional team take care of your facial aesthetics needs, and book a consultation in today. We’ll work with you to get you looking and feeling fabulous with our range of procedures.


Our Cheek Filler Process

Using Restylane® and FILLMED® allows us to craft your cheeks into the best-looking version of themselves. Hyaluronic acid is one of the core natural substances that the body which diminishes as we age, resulting in lines and wrinkles in the skin. FILLMED® and Restylane® fillers are temporary hyaluronic fillers which help to absorb moisture and keep and improve skin hydration. The end effect is a much more natural, fuller look for your cheeks which other treatments fail to offer. Find out more about our range of treatment options by getting in touch with our trained medical clinicians today.

Our Expert Clinicians

What sets our team apart from other facial aesthetics clinics in Guildford is our complete, doctor-led approach to delivering exceptional service every time. With over ten years’ experience in dentistry and five years practicing facial aesthetics, Dr Manika Rajput ensures that every job that we do is of the utmost quality and that every client leaves our clinic looking and feeling great.

We can provide you with the excellent cheek fillers that you’re looking for in a safe, clinical, but most importantly, comfortable environment. With our experience and commitment to customer care, you know that with the team at Aeon Aesthetics, you’re in the right hands.

Get in touch today to book a consultation and we’ll let you know how our cheek fillers can help you.

Get in Touch

Make sure that if you’re thinking of cheek fillers in Guildford, you’re thinking Aeon Aesthetics. We’re the premier team in the region delivering the same consistently excellent results to each of our clients, and we can give you the cheek filler experience that you’re after.

If you’d like to find out more about how cheek fillers work, how long they last, and how we can help you look better and younger, make sure to get in touch with the team at Aeon Aesthetics. We can book you in for a consultation at a time to suit you, so be sure to give us a call or fill out our online contact form here.


0.5ml £250

1ml £300


Restylane & Fillmed (Fillorga)

Treatment Summary

No of Treatments

1 (review two weeks later with top up if required)


Complete Recovery

Instant/within 2 weeks

Procedure Duration

45- 60mins (including consultation)


Topical Anesthesia- numbing cream

Resume Normal Activity

Straight Away

Sensitivity Period


Duration of Results

9-12 months

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